The most preferred clinical audiometer in the US 

When MADSEN Astera was introduced in 2008, it was designed to meet the needs of professional audiologists in the US. The Astera changed audiometry forever by combining the benefits of traditional stand-alone clinical audiometry with the benefits of PC-based audiometry. MADSEN Astera² builds on that legacy and introduces new innovative tools.

The goal for the new MADSEN Astera² was to improve the functionality and introduce groundbreaking new assessment tools into daily audiometry strengthening your professional performance as a specialist. The result is a new and refined clinical audiometer. 
  • MADSEN Astera²


The peaditric solution in Astera2 is a dedicated test modality working within OTOsuite, offering an intuitive design and a large, easy-to-view user interface. The new audiometer control panel also includes new dedicated buttons making it easy to focus on the child. The USB infrared transmitter connects with the video reinforcers allowing you to keep eye contact and reward the child with a single click.

The operator enjoys the flexibility of the MADSEN Astera2 pediatric application allowing you, the professional, to control the stimulation as well as the visual reinforcers in various ways depending on need. The test modality is also supported by pediatric features like a pediatric speech list, FRESH noise stimulation, the built-in talk to assistant and much more. The pediatric application is optional in MADSEN Astera2.

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Assessing tinnitus is a challenging task. The MADSEN Astera2 offers a dedicated application with numerous questionnaires useful when assessing tinnitus (THI, THS, TFI, and BAHIA). These questionnaires are fully integrated offering the advantage to store, review and share data during the assessment and management. This dedicated application also gives the opportunity to perform the most relevant psychoacoustical tests like pitch and loudness matching, minimum masking level (MML), and residual inhibition (RI).

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 Tinnitus Assessment - the key to successful tinnitus management

As an easy tool for the professional, the tinnitus application has been designed to offer the operator a perfect overview of the tinnitus characteristics as well as integration in OTOsuite. The tinnitus application is an integrated part of the OTOsuite audiometry software package.

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MADSEN Astera2 offers the possibility to switch from a classical view to a touch screen friendly control panel called Sunshine™. The new control panel was created to make daily routine tasks even easier. It offers a visual and clean access to different settings through large, touch screen friendly icons illustrating transducers, tests and ears. The intelligent control panel offers the right transducer for masking based on the one used for testing. Working with the new Sunshine™ control panel is intuitive with the new interface matching the modern needs demanded by tablet PC and touch screen use.


  • 2 channel audiometer
  • PC Based
  • Audiometric Control Panel (ACP)
  • High Frequency Testing (up to 20 kHz)
  • Integrated speech material
  • Built-in amplifier
  • User tests
  • Multiple speaker routing (4 speakers)
  • Talk forward/Multiple speaker talk forward/On the fly mic/Talk to assistant
  • ABR/ASSR to dB HL conversion
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Enhanced speech audiometry

  • Live voice wording
  • Customizable word list
  • Score until next word is played

Specific Test

  • Multi Frequency Weber
  • TEN Test
  • QuickSIN Test
  • SISI
  • ABLB
  • SAL Test
  • HF
  • Binaural Speech
  • Tone/Speech in Noise
  • Tinnitus Evaluation
  • Tone Decay
  • Rinne
  • MLD
  • MHA
  • Oldenburger
  • DLI
  • Lüscher
  • Stenger
  • CUNY Test
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The power of integration

MADSEN Astera2 is far more than an audiometer. It works perfectly alone, but it’s also designed to be the core of a unique, integrated and modular clinical set-up. OTOsuite software connects it all allowing you to transition seamlessly from video otoscopy, to audiometry, clinical OAEs, tympanometry, PMM and beyond. Print any number of customized reports and send the results to NOAH and/or your EMR.