The new gold standard in OAE testing

The new MADSEN Capella2 is the result of a technology partnership between a recognized leader in clinical Otoacoustic emissions testing (OAE) and the leader in clinical usability. It gives you the power of an objective and accurate analysis of cochlear function for all ages.

The superior user interface of the MADSEN Capella2 is integrated into OTOsuite and incorporates functionality that far exceeds other Otoacoustic emissions testing (OAE) systems on the market today. And as with other clinical tools in OTOsuite, you can continue to give your patients the best possible care without compromising workflow efficiencies.

Please note that MADSEN Capella2 only is available in select countries.


Powerful. Intuitive. Flexible.

The MADSEN Capella2 is the first OAE system to meet the international standard set for diagnostic OAE devices. It's easy to use but also provides dynamic features in a modernized workflow.

Intuitive easy-to-use software

MADSEN Capella2 is working under the OTOsuite software platform. It is simple to use yet very comprehensive and extraordinarily powerful. All of the key elements are accessible on the intuitive control panel. It is easy to select your preferred test and measurement settings with a few clicks.

Flexibility for both routine and advance care

The new MADSEN Capella2 is so flexible that you can use it for both routine testing as well as for more advanced cases. Multiple stimulus calibration choices and an automated frequency selection alternative are just two features that enhance the way you work.
  • MADSEN Capella²
    Otoacoustic emissions testing (OAE)

Checking the probe fit at both the beginning and end of a measurement

Ability to swap ear data

User controlled overlays

Choice of Chirp or Optimized In Situcalibration for improved measurementaccuracy

Historical test data comparison including probe fit and per point spectrum comparison 

PrecisePoints™ provides the simplest way to set up the exact test frequencies you want

Available modules

  • DP (includes DP Gram and DP I/O)