ICS Impulse® is a customizable solution. Choose between Video Frenzel, Video Head Impulse with age based normative data, Positional and Oculomotor - or choose all four.

You decide how ICS Impulse works best for your facility.




    At the core of ICS Impulse is the powerful Video Frenzel, giving you easy and affordable access to vestibular assessment and treatment.


    The only test that can assess all  six semicircular canals and is approved by Drs. Halmagyi and Curthoys. ICS impulse vHIT enables head impulse testing with gold-standard accuracy.


    Increase accuracy in assessing and treating patients with BPPV. Head Position Feedback and real-time SPV make it possible.


    A new revolutionary approach to oculomotor testing, Occulomotor provides simple and quick tests that assist in determining if the disorder is central or peripheral.

    Blue1 High Speed USB Camera

    The Superior camera provides the best available technology for measuring eye movement. The camera provides the ability to record the eye and identify catch-up saccades (overt and covert), nystagmus and skew deviation.

    Blue2 Superior sensor

    The nine axis motion sensor accurately measures the head movement allowing for direct comparison of head and eye movement. The sensor allows for Head Position Feedback. Head Position Feedback precisely tracks head motion in free space. the superior Stability and response in time

    provides instant feedback for correct head positioning during vHIT and positional testing.

    Blue3 Light weight

    Weighing 60 grams, the goggle ensures no slippage and therefore provides quality data collection without missing any important eye movements. The lightweight design also makes the testing more comfortable for the patient.

    Blue4 Built-in calibration lasers

    Without additional hardware, the lasers provide stimulus for calibration and oculomotor testing.