Fitting Systems         

Otometrics’ state-of-the-art systems for handling the entire hearing instrument fitting process are PC-based, NOAH-compatible and an integral part of the OTOsuite software platform.

  • Hearing Aid Fitting

    Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Video Otoscopy

    Video Otoscopy

The AURICAL fitting system has set the industry standard for hearing aid fitting equipment. The system interfaces seamlessly with NOAH, the hearing industry’s fitting and programming software platform. Portable and lightweight, AURICAL handles virtually every audiologic function necessary in a hearing clinic.

AURICAL has been enhanced by multimedia dispensing solutions such as Visible Speech and simulators supporting the important counseling portion of the fitting process. And the OTOcam Video Otoscope system adds the option of including digital images of the eardrum or hearing instrument for diagnostic, educational and counseling purposes.